COOL was born in hope of becoming a bridge to let the art lovers all over the world inspire each other, link together as one, and create a new future in arts. The main contents consist of interviews of both New York-based and international artists and creators, special feature articles, art reports from around the world, reviews and column series. We contribute to the cultural exchange through arts and to the development of the art industry so that people in the world can enjoy arts casually and New York and major cities in the world can connect through the media COOL.
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In 1755, Lisbon was struck by an earthquake. Marquis of Pombal, was the prime minister at that time and was instituted by decree 1st Count of Oeiras like reward by its action in the trial of reconstruction of Lisbon, the grid design ideia and oversawing the rapid recovery of the whole city leading to the new city as it is now.

Two and a half century later, Isaltino Morais, who has been the Mayor of Oeiras for more than two decades, is continuing to develop both the design and art of the city under less catastrophic circunstances but with a vision and determination equivelent to his predecessor.

After a major renovation in the 18th Century, the building was given this name by its owner at the time, Rebelo de Andrade, as this Palace was located in a estate named “Quinta da Nossa Senhora do Egipto” (Holy Mary of Egipt).

At the entrance, visitors are welcomed by an “Azulejo”, a form of traditional Portuguese tin-glazed, ceramic tilework. The architectural structure was modeled after a wedding veil by Vaz do Carmo, a notable Portuguese architects. This romantic and remarkable image also receives the benefit of sunshine and the sound of the neighboring church’s bell’s ringing. The white wedding design surrounds visitors in a pleasant aura with a celebratory atmosphere. In addition, there is a mysterious sculpture on the outside wall which was discovered during the construction of the palace. The artist remains unknown.

The artist displayed at the opening of this museum is one of the most famous Spanish artists, Salvador Dali. There are 100 works, divided into 6 series, all from the private collection from Barcelona of Juan Javiel Bofill, a Spanish art collector and close friend of Dali.

Adding to the charm of the exhibit is that visitors can touch the original sculptures. Dali felt that if people could touch the art, they could feel more close to it. The main sculpture, Medo (“Fear”), expresses fear possibly inspired on Dali`s fear of death. You are invited to feel his fear of death through touching his works and not just by seeing them.

One of the most remarkable sculptures is‘Dragon-Cisne-Elefante’(1969 Bronze). When seen from the front, it looks like a swan. However, it changes to two other animals as the point of view changes. It looks like an elephant viewed upside down, and a dragon from the rear. One sculpture can have 3 different faces depending on the point of view with Dali’s unique vision. If you love Dali’s well known work of paintings you will be enraptured with a 3D approach of his realities.

The art exhibition will be changed about every 3 months. The collection of Dali will last until the 15th of September, 2009. On the last Friday of every month, visitors can enjoy a night at the museum, as it is opened until midnight. In addition to a free guided tour, it has various planned events, and 3 cafes where you can enjoy the original sweets of the city. In 2009, Oeiras is the best city to enjoy the sea, sunshine, and art.

(Text & Photo by Yuka Takao in Oeiras, Portugal)

“Ace Hotel,” with each room of it exhibiting art pieces like a gallery, opened in Mid Town NY.
Some of the Zank & Mars agency artists took a part in this project.

At this hotel, you can spend a day surrounded by art, as if you are at a solo exhibition. You can enjoy high quality artworks that you could usually only see at art galleries. Enjoy food, drinks, or read a book... how you spend your day in the room is up to you.

By letting art be a part of your life, you can see art from a different point of view, or you can feel the joy of being close to art. This hotel should not be ignored by true art-lovers.

When I first stepped into the hotel while it was still under construction, the first thing I noticed was how creative people involved in this project were. The existence of this hotel itself is a piece of art that was completed by their teamwork. Because they know the joy of sharing art and they feel it from the bottom of their heart, this art piece was created.

This place also symbolizes NY. Ace Hotel is highly recommended for people who want to feel NY first hand.


Arisa Itami
Arisa Itami spreads love to the world through music and art. Arisa is a Japanese artist who is a Jazz singer, an actress, and a curator. She works mainly in Brooklyn NY. In 2008, she visited Africa to teach origami art to children in Nigeria. To make art a part of daily life and to change the world with art, she started “Zank and Mars organization.” She operates an art gallery called Ouchi Gallery in Brooklyn where modern art was born during the art revolution in 1970s. As an artist, she was a part of the mural painting team for the Atlanta Coca Cola museum in 2007. Arisa started a movement called “min-gei”, which is a fruition of her concept “LIFE IN ART.” The purpose of “min-gei” is to regenerate the Japanese folk art movement called "Mingei," which developed in the late 1920s, as a new style in the modern time. The theory of Mingei was to discover beauty in everyday objects created by nameless craftsmen and introduce it to the world. "min-gei" restores the movement in present time with a new theory: making art a part of our every day life. Arisa introduces “min(everyone’s)-gei(art)” so instead of seeing art as special and intangible thing, everyone would consider art as something familiar and intimate with our lives, just like our every day objects.
Japanese artist Rima Fujita reads her children's books at the Tibetan Festival on October 3. It is a whole day festival with food, dance, art, crafts and prayers at the Jacques Machais Museum. Her reading will start from 3pm and we will read in English and Tibetan. Lama Pema Wangdak who received the Ellis Island Medal of Honor this year will read the Tibetan part. He is also the one who told me the lovely story of wisdom for my first book, Wonder Talk. I hope you can join



Learn how-to, by following the simple instruction in a very relaxed atmosphere. The best timing to make your own ZOORI, Japanese hand woven cloth sandals.

Date: Thursday, Sep 24th. 2009
Time: 7:00pm-10:00pm

Instructor: Kimiko
Materials: Please Bring THREE of your old T-shirts and Scissors

Fee: $45 (includes the ZOORI making instruction) *Please pay at the door

Where: CRS (Center for Remembering & Sharing)
123 4th Ave, 2nd FL (between 12th & 13th streets)
New York NY 10003

Contact to register: RSVP to the website, or send the email, zoori@whiteinc.jp

In this workshop, we will teach the simple techniques to make a pair of ZOORI using your old, unwanted T-shirts.
*The part of the profits and 1 T-shirt from these workshops
will be donated to the 'LET’S HAVE A DREAM' project.

The opening page of the next issue features Karim Rashid who is worldly known as a product designer. For the first time as a curator, Karim participated in the planning of the exhibition, "Totally Rad": Karim Rashid Does Radiators. The exhibition was held at Museum of Art & Design, known as MAD, which had a re-opening last September. We asked him to talk about this exhibition that gave full play for his senses.

Mariko Mori is an active artist in New York. We had an exclusive interview at her studio in New York and asked about her large installation, "Plant Opal," which has been the talk of the town since its sudden emergence in Roppongi Hills.

As a featured article, we will report to you some hot, Academy awarded movies including "Departures" from New York's biggest film festival, "Tribeca Film Festival"

Also, following this edition, the next issue contains the last half of a long interview with Tadanori Yokoo. Our next number is scheduled to be released this fall as the special memorial 20th edition, and is full of fresh content that you cannot take your eyes off.

===== COOL Vol.18-19 Summer Issue Contents =====

*Karim Rashid "Totally Rad" :Karim Rashid Does Radiators
*Exclusive Interview with Mariko Mori "Plant Opal"
*Interview with Hajime Sorayama
*The Third Mind : American Artists Contemplate Asia 1860-1989
Opening Report & Interview with Alexandra Munroe
*NYC Art Fairs
*Special Interview with Tadanori Yokoo (sequel)
*Big Apple Entertainment Stage 3
*The Worldwide Art Views
Yayoi Kusama - New York
The Murder of Crows - Berlin
Ring - Switzerland
Martin Kippenberger: The Problem Perspective - New York
Louis Vuitton: A Passion for Creation - Hong Kong
NY Collection - New York
Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy - New York
"Making Worlds" Venice Biennial 2009 - Italy
MoMA Atlantic - New York
Francis Bacon: A Centenary Retrospective - New York
*The Nomadic "decob" in New York
*Hong Kong Dance Music SceneEntering the underground in the concrete jungle
*Pick up Artist / Kaeko Mizukoshi
*Look! Look! Art Books
*Chinese Art Now Vol. 7
*Film Freaks Scene12
*The Diary of A Nomadic Artist Vol. 4
*NY Style Vol.7
*Toronto Art Report #9

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